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Welcome to the website of Hertfordshire Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC) providing support, guidance and advice to community pharmacy within Hertfordshire. It is our role and mission at the LPC to be the voice and support of community pharmacy in Hertfordshire representing local community pharmacy teams to become an effective integrated part of primary health and social care encouraging patients to think pharmacy first.

Pharmacies Providing a Care Home Service GDPR

CPH has been asked to remind all pharmacy contractors that provide a service to care homes that they must abide by General Data Protection Regulation rules. This includes ensuring that all communications that have any patient identifiable information are sent through secure means such as email.

All care homes now have emails that community pharmacies can use to communicate in a secure manner using your own email addresses. If you are not using a secure email to communicate with the home please ask the care home to supply you with their secure email to ensure all communication remains secure.

PCN Mapping

Updated PCN mapping now published. Click here for further information.

Covid Loans Update

PSNC calls on Chancellor to write off pharmacies’ COVID loans PSNC has called on the Chancellor of the Exchequer to...

Latest on Covid-19

For more information on how we are helping the local community with Covid-19: Please see the CPH Covid-19 page: Covid-19

Latest Online Events Updated!

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