About Us

Hertfordshire Local Pharmaceutical Committee represents and supports all pharmacy contractors in Hertfordshire by negotiating for local enhanced services such as the supply of emergency hormonal contraception, needle exchange, supervised methadone consumption, chlamydia screening and  smoking cessation services. The LPC also supports the implementation of the pharmacy contractual framework by liaising with contractors and the Area Team.

The LPC is constituted according to the model constitution set out by the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee and operates within a corporate governance framework. Funding for the LPC is derived from a levy paid by all pharmacy contractors in Hertfordshire. The LPC Constitution was revised in 2014 due to the changes in the local NHS infrastructure.

Creating a think pharmacy first culture in Hertfordshire

Community pharmacies in Hertfordshire wish to become an effective integrated part of primary health and social care working more closely with other healthcare professionals in a joined up way to deliver the best outcomes for their patients. There are significant opportunities for community pharmacies to do more to support their patients and their local communities.

It is our role and mission at the LPC to be the voice and support of community pharmacy in Hertfordshire representing local community pharmacy teams to become an effective integrated part of primary health and social care encouraging patients to think pharmacy first. It is the LPCs vision to create a think pharmacy first culture.

This strategy is supported by three commitments from the LPC to pharmacy contractors in Hertfordshire:

  1. To lead and represent community pharmacy
  2. To support and promote community pharmacy
  3. To develop community pharmacy

These three commitments are in turn supported by three key enablers that assist the daily work of Hertfordshire LPC:

  1. Governance
  2. Communications
  3. Stakeholder Engagement

These commitments and enablers will be delivered by focusing on the top five key aims for achievement:

  1. Providing information and guidance so that community pharmacy is appropriately skilled to meet the current and future context

This will include:

  • Sharing best practice amongst contractors to meet commissioned services
  • Facilitating contractor educational meetings at a locality level that is ideally through multi-disciplinary team meeting with other professions where appropriate
  • Facilitating greater engagement in advanced services through signposting to available resources and local training
  1. Being at the heart of everyday activities and issues within Hertfordshire

This will include:

  • A robust process for issues to be fed into the LPC by community pharmacies and stakeholders either through the LPC office or LPC members
  • The LPC listening to the feedback it receives and reports back to community pharmacies and stakeholders on the actions it has implemented
  1. To promote and be transparent about the work of the LPC by providing progress of the LPCs work on a regular basis with all community pharmacies and stakeholders in Hertfordshire

This will include:

  • Regular communications with community pharmacy contractors through email, newsletters and the LPC website: hertslpc.org.uk.
  • Regular engagement with commissioners and other key stakeholders
  • Setting up a regular cycle of events for contractors in Hertfordshire that is of high quality and communicated in advance
  1. Making connections with commissioners to influence commissioning for the benefits of patients and the public

This will include:

  • Optimising opportunities through commissioning of existing and new services that are deliverable
  • Developing a portfolio of service ideas and business plans
  • Showcasing the best practice of community pharmacy in Hertfordshire
  1. Work with other healthcare professional groups, patient groups and local political organisations to ensure that community pharmacy is delivering high quality care to patients and that the benefits of community pharmacy are optimised

This will include:

  • Working with Patient Participation Groups to optimise local services and understand the issues that patients currently face