Stop Smoking Service – Hertfordshire Health Improvement Service (HHIS)

Hertfordshire Health Improvement Service (HHIS) provides stop smoking support to anyone who lives or works in Hertfordshire. HHIS provide support to community pharmacies commissioned to provide the stop smoking services commissioned by Public Health Hertfordshire.

The stop smoking service provided by community pharmacy is commissioned by Hertfordshire County Council.

See the Community Pharmacy 2020/23 Service Specification

Varenicline PGD 2020/22

The PGD for the supply of Varenicline effective from 1 December 2020 – 30 November 2022

NRT Vouchers

Full information can be found in the NRT Voucher Protocol.  To view the NRT voucher accreditation process please click here.

If you would like to sign up or have any service queries please contact Hertfordshire Health Improvement Service on 01442 453 071 or email: If you are already commissioned for the service you can also contact your Health Improvement Locality Specialist:

East & North Herts:

Sharon O’Connor: 01438 844733 

West Herts (Herts Valleys): 

Lauren Arthur: 01438 845924

Stop Smoking updates

Covid-19 Update (November 2020) including advice on resuming face-to-face consultations and CO monitoring

Please use this message to structure your conversation with your customers:

If you smoke, you have an increased risk of severe illness with COVID-19. Your doctor would like you to stop smoking as soon as possible. Contact Hertfordshire Health Improvement Service on 0800 389 3 998 OR text quit4covid to 80818 for telephone support and medication to quit smoking.

There is also a referral form on the LPC website to directly refer smokers that you are in contact with or know to be at risk.

If you are struggling to maintain a stop smoking service at your pharmacy or need further information, please email:

Training Dates 2020-2021

The stop smoking service training dates for 2020-21 have now been published. 

Payments and Claims

Updated: 8 March 2021

Important Contractor Information: PharmOutcomes Planned Down Time on 8 and 9 April 2021
Public Health Hertfordshire is giving you advance notice of disruption to stop smoking services on Pharmoutcomes. In order to carry out essential updates to the Stop Smoking template, the PharmOutcomes platform which hosts the Stop Smoking template will be unavailable for use on the 8 and 9 April 2021.

This means all users will be unable to access their client episodes on PharmOutcomes. The down time is needed to upgrade the templates, make them more user friendly and facilitate the addition of features such as Alcohol Audit C.

As users will not have access to Pharmoutcomes during this time, it is important that you ensure that your patients/clients are aware that clinics can not be run on these days. You will need to make alternative arrangements to support your patients/clients on alternative days. It is also advised that you ensure that the people your are supporting have enough medication to last them.

Please ensure that you share this message with all the relevant members of your pharmacy team to ensure that they are aware of this information. 

PharmOutcomes Invoicing Procedures

For Community Pharmacy service providers, 3 items are claimable.

  1. Successful 4 week quits,
  2. NRT provided to clients accessing internal L2 service,
  3. NRT provided as part of the NRT e-voucher processing template

You can preview your claims at any time to date by clicking on ‘Claims’ tab and then clicking on ‘Preview Claims’ button on the bottom left hand side. This action will pop up a window underneath the ‘Preview Claims’ button which you can click on when it becomes green. When you click on it your invoice will open and you can see all payments in different lines according to services you are entitled to claim for. 

CO monitor request - updated processes

There has been an amendment to the provision of how CO monitors will be distributed and serviced from 20 January 2020 by HHIS. HHIS will only be able to provide and administer CO monitor enquires after submission of a CO monitor task request form.

Providers need to complete the CO monitor task request form (no specific login or access is required)