Suicide Prevention Training Available

Hertfordshire County Council has commissioned Samaritans to deliver Suicide Prevention Training. The course is aimed at frontline professionals and volunteers whose role may bring them into direct contact with people experiencing suicidal thoughts and ideation.

The three-hour session is delivered online, via Zoom, by an expert Samaritans facilitator and uses a variety of tools to encourage interaction and group learning.

During the training, the following we be explored:

  • Risk factors that can lead to thoughts of suicide
  • How to recognise signs of suicidal thoughts and ideation
  • Skills to develop to be able to have a conversation with someone at risk
  • Engaging someone in conversation sensitively and effectively
  • Strategies to keep someone safe
  • Referring someone to the emergency and/ or support services
  • Signposting to sources of additional support.

View the events, which will run through May 2022, on our website to find out more information and to book your ticket.

Please note, if you have completed Suicide Prevention Training funded by Hertfordshire County Council in the last two years, you DO NOT need to take this course.  It is available to all public sector frontline staff working in Hertfordshire and is at the intermediate level. You will be asked to complete a basic 20 minute online training before taking this course.