CPH Independent Member Vacancy

CPH Independent Member Vacancy

March 17, 2021

CPH currently has an independent member vacancy. In light of the independent review recommendations and that there is an upcoming election at the end of 2021 the Committee has decided not to fill the current vacancy. It was felt that the Committee would still be representative of the independent contractors without appointing to the vacancy. However the Committee is very keen to encourage contractors to become involved in CPH and consider standing for election at the end of this year.

In order to support those interested in standing for independent committee member election we would like to invite those who are interested to attend an upcoming LPC meeting. Please email info@hertslpc.org.uk if you would be interested as soon as possible so we can schedule this in. Those attending the meeting would be paid the equivalent of a committee member fee according to our expenses policy. Please note if in attendance you would not have voting rights but would be able to participate in the discussion. 

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