Christmas and New Year Pharmacy opening hours reminder

PSNC has produced a briefing that provides guidance for community pharmacy contractors on the Terms of Service opening hours requirements around bank holidays for the remainder of 2022 and 2023. Full information and supportive advice on pharmacy opening hours is on the PSNC website.


Community pharmacy contractors are reminded that if Boxing Day or New Year’s Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday it will be classed as a normal working day for the purposes of community pharmacy opening hours. Therefore, pharmacies must open on these days for any core and supplementary hours. The substitute bank holiday for Boxing Day or New Year’s Day is when contractors do not have to open. Please note that New Year’s Day (Sunday 1st January 2023) is a normal working day for community pharmacy opening hours.


If community pharmacy contractors want to reduce any supplementary hours, for example, to close early due , they must give notice to NHS England at least three months in advance, unless NHS England agrees otherwise. Therefore, the last day to give notice to change their supplementary hours on any day during the Christmas and New Year period in 2022/23 is approaching soon. For example, if your pharmacy is open supplementary hours on Saturday 24 December or Sunday 1 January 2023 and you would like to reduce these you must notify NHS England on or before Saturday 24 September or Saturday 1 October to guarantee any reduction in supplementary hours.


NHS England has published a Notification of changes to supplementary opening hours template form (Annex 7) which community pharmacy contractors in Hertfordshire can complete and email to our local NHS England team:


Please note that if community pharmacy contractors want to change their core contractual hours during this period they should also do so within the same timeframe outlined above using the application form – application to change core opening hours (Annex 2) emailed to the local NHS England team: However please be aware that because requests to amend core contractual hours are ‘applications’ NHS England can refuse so a strong case for needing this must be fully outlined.


Contractors are reminded that they must ensure that their pharmacy’s NHS website profile and DoS profile are accurate and must ensure they verify and, where necessary, update the information contained in the profiles at least once each financial quarter using the NHS Profile Manager.