Chlamydia Treatment PGDs update

The chlamydia treatment PGDs required to deliver the chlamydia treatment element of the Public Health Sexual Health contract have been reviewed.  The updated PGDs are attached:

  • Azithromycin PGD 202010 v2.5
  • Doxycycline PGD HCC 202010 v2.5

The following templates on PharmOutcomes will be amended to reflect the changes in the updated PGDs.

  • Chlamydia Treatment Registration
  • Chlamydia Treatment – Doxycycline Supply
  • Chlamydia Treatment – Azithromycin Supply

To deliver this service, all pharmacies with a Public Health Sexual Health contract will have access to the above templates as well as the template:

  • Chlamydia Notification of Non-Attendance.

Sexual Health Hertfordshire will start to refer service users to pharmacies for chlamydia treatment under the PGD from 1 May 2022

Action Required

From 1 May, pharmacists will need the following information to enrol for the Chlamydia Treatment templates the first time they are used.  Information required to enrol:

  • Confirm that a satisfactory enhanced DBS has been obtained within the past 3 years
  • Confirm that the current PGD has been read and Appendix A signed by the pharmacist and authorizing manager
  • Confirm that the Service Specification has been read

All pharmacies that are commissioned by Public Health Hertfordshire for the sexual health service must be ready from the 1 May 2022 to receive referrals from Sexual Health Hertfordshire for chlamydia treatment under the PGD.

Enhanced DBS Clearance

Pharmacists must have a satisfactory enhanced DBS check to deliver this service.

Pharmacists can apply for a DBS check under Hertfordshire County Council as the umbrella organisation, although the pharmacist / pharmacy will need to pay the fees. For more information go to: Safe Staffing – DBS checks | Hertfordshire County Council.

In addition, Community Pharmacy Hertfordshire (CPH) strongly encourage you once you have received the updated DBS check from HCC, to then register for the update service online ( It automatically renews on a yearly basis and it is cheaper than renewing on a three yearly basis with no additional administration costs.

Training and Development

The Council along with the Terrence Higgins Trust (THT), Sexual Health Hertfordshire and the Youth Service, are developing a series of new resources to promote community dual testing services available from local pharmacies. This will include social media advertising, printed resources and 1-minute animations.  There will be a phased approach to the awareness campaign, commencing late April.  THT will be running a series of workshops promoting the new resources along with information on the dual testing service, chlamydia treatment pathways and PGDs.  Further information to follow. Look on Pharmoutcomes for more details.

We strongly recommend that pharmacists ensure they are able to meet the above criteria ready for 1st May 2022

If you have any queries please contact Helen Cleary, commissioning officer: