CGL Spectrum Community Pharmacy Commissioned Services

CGL Spectrum are commissioned to provide drugs and alcohol services within Hertfordshire by Hertfordshire County Council and they subcontract supervised consumption and needle exchange services from some community pharmacies.

If you would like to sign up for any service and have any queries regarding a service you can contact CGL Spectrum via their countywide email


Updates on SLA for supervised consumption and needle syringe programme incorporating Naloxone take home

Change Grow Live – SLA agreement 2021

Needle Syringe Programme inc. Naloxone Take Home SLA – Update 2021

SLA Update Letter 2021

Supervised Consumption SLA – Update 2021


Supervised Consumption Service

The supervised consumption programme in Hertfordshire is commissioned by CGL Spectum.

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) for community pharmacists providing supervised consumption of medication can be accessed here.

Needle Exchange Service

The needle exchange service provided by community pharmacy is commissioned by CGL Spectrum.

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) for community pharmacists providing needle exchange incorporating take home Naloxone can be accessed here.

A map of those pharmacies and CGL Spectrum hubs for needle exchange services is available here.

CGL Spectrum Pharmacy Newsletters


CGL Heroin Overdoses Hertfordshire August 2021

CGL update April 2021

CGL Spectrum Medicine Update and Changes

CGL has issued communications to community pharmacies and stakeholders during the current unprecedented period.

CPH has had no input to the communication and does not endorse the clinical decision that has been made to issue 14-day prescriptions. This decision was made without consultation with CPH.

During the current period, CPH encourages those with service users to ensure you:

  • have contact numbers for all service users;
  • have communicated with CGL how they can contact you easily in an emergency; and
  • be aware that CGL staff or possibly couriers will deliver the prescriptions to the pharmacy and would be grateful if you could aim not to make them wait long periods of time although recognise your current workload.

If you need any support in ordering or how to encourage service users to take a Naloxone kit, please get in contact with Trudy Sealy on 07881 335213.

To contact CGL please telephone 0800 652 3169 or email on

Support Information for Families and Carers

For support for families affected by drug abuse visit the website Families Anonymous.  The website Adfam provides support for people affected by drug or alcohol abuse.