Committee Members

The CPH committee is elected every four years and is made up of four CCA members, six independent members and one AIMp member. If you wish to contact your local representative please email the CPH office.

CPH ratified and agreed the Expenses Policy which is available for contractors information.

Current expectations of CPH members are outlined in this document.



CCA / Independent

Governance Papers

 Rachel Solanki (Chair)


 Karsan Chandegra (Treasurer)


 Girish Mehta


 Mohamed Moledina


 Vinesh Naidoo

 CCA – Boots

 Parag Oza (Vice Chair)

 CCA – Boots

 Vikash Patel


 Adrian Price

 CCA – Tesco

 Sheelan Shah


 Niru Sivanesan

 CCA – Morrisons

 Suraj Varia