About Us

Community Pharmacy Hertfordshire (CPH) represents and supports all pharmacy contractors in Hertfordshire by negotiating for local enhanced services such as the supply of emergency hormonal contraception, needle exchange, supervised methadone consumption, chlamydia screening and smoking cessation services. CPH also supports the implementation of the pharmacy contractual framework by liaising with contractors and the Area Team.

CPH is constituted according to the model constitution set out by the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) and operates within a corporate governance framework. Funding for CPH is derived from a levy paid by all pharmacy contractors in Hertfordshire. The CPH Constitution was revised in 2014 due to the changes in the local NHS infrastructure.

Strategic Plan and Priority Workstreams

In March 2021 CPH agreed a three year strategic plan to run until March 2024 that included an overarching vision, mission and aims.

The priorities for achievement would refresh every financial year during the three year period and have been updated as outlined below.

Community pharmacies are an integrated and equal partner in the health and care landscape for the benefit of patients.

Represent and support community pharmacies to work locally as one unified and integrated part of the health and care community that supports the best possible outcomes for patients.


  1. To represent community pharmacy in Hertfordshire to all stakeholders.
  2. To provide leadership and development of community pharmacy to meet future challenges.
  3. To enable community pharmacies to be able to deliver existing and new commissioned/contracted services, nationally and locally, successfully.

The above aims will be delivered in 2021/22 by focusing on the following top eight priorities for achievement. These are listed in no particular order:

Community Pharmacy Support to Care Homes
Objective: To implement and evaluate the care homes service pilot within Dacorum.

Primary Care Networks (PCNs)
Objective: To continue to develop and support community pharmacy to become an integral partner as part of the PCN.

Diabetes Transformation
Objective:  To implement a new diabetes service building upon the work undertaken to date within Herts Valleys CCG in order to develop community pharmacy as part of an integrated primary care model.

Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) 2019 – 2024 Implementation
Objective: To support and advise community pharmacy to optimise the five year community pharmacy contract including involvement with new pilots and advanced/enhanced services.

Domiciliary MURs and Supporting Medicines Waste
Objective: To demonstrate the part that community pharmacy plays in reducing and managing medicines waste and at the same time improving compliance and patient outcomes through the implementation of a pilot service in Hertsmere.

Public Health
Objective: To support contractors to deliver quality public health signposting and services through a robust contracting and commissioning process.

Local Prescribing and Dispensing
Objective: To support community pharmacies with guidance and advice on local issues and enabling opportunities for community pharmacies to deliver services and be reimbursed competitively.

Objective: To continue to support community pharmacy from the repercussions and recovery of the Covid-19 pandemic.