The ‘Year of Mental Health’ in Hertfordshire

Mental Health Toolkit

The Hertfordshire Health & Wellbeing Board has declared the period between its annual conferences July 2015 and July 2016 the Hertfordshire Year of Mental Health. A countrywide initiative intended to:

 Tackle mental health stigma and discrimination
• Help people get better access to treatment and care
• Gain parity of access to treatment for both mental and physical health

Please pledge your support to the ‘Year of Mental Health’

The LPC have created a mental health toolkit to support community pharmacist in mental health signposting and promotion in the ‘Year of Mental Health’ in Hertfordshire.

Learning resources to promote mental health and well being for pharmacist. 

  • Five ways to well-being. Services within Hertfordshire are working together to use the Five ways to wellbeing developed by the new economics foundation (nef).
  • Royal Pharmaceutical Society have created this mental health quick reference guide. The quick reference guide highlights the importance of mental well-being factors including physically activity, eating well, drinking alcohol in moderation and keeping in touch with friends and family.
  • Choice of Medication. This is a website allowing you to find out for information on medication used in mental health conditions. This can be used to support patients in medicine use reviews with mental health conditions.
  • Time to change. Pharmacist and pharmacy teams should familiarise themselves with the website and video clips.  Time to Change is England’s biggest programme to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination.
  • CPPE. Community pharmacist should be encouraged to complete CPD modules on mental health condition to help support discussions with patients with mental health issues during the ‘Year of Mental Health’ in Hertfordshire.

Local support groups to signpost patients and carers to for mental health and well-being. 

  • Hertfordshire Mind Network. This is a mental health organisation providing a diverse range of recovery orientated services from its 7 Wellbeing Centres and accompanying Outreach Centres located across Hertfordshire.
  • Mind in Mid Herts. They provide mental health services in  well being centres in St. Albans, Stevenage, Hertford and Welwyn Garden City. A leaflet about mind in mid herts services can be accessed here. The organisations Facebook page can be accessed here.
  • Hertfordshire Partnership foundation trust.  (HPFT) The trust provide excellent health and social care for people with mental ill health, physical ill health and those with a learning disability. Information on the wellbeing service at HPFT can be accessed here. A poster of wellbeing service is available here.
  • Guideposts. Provides Mental Health Services in South West Hertfordshire through using a person-centered and goal setting approach. Henry Smith House in Watford is the main hub for the program of activities and courses in Watford, Three Rivers and Hertsmere.
  • Health in Herts. The website has a link to services and information available in Hertfordshire on mental health.
  • Carers in Herts. They give support and information to unpaid family and friends who look after someone. They provide the space for you to discuss practical and emotional concerns around caring and opportunities to share experiences with others.
  • Please refer to the document here to signpost patients with mental health issues within Hertfordshire. 

Ordering Leaflets for the ‘Year of Mental Health’ in Hertfordshire.

Mental health public health campaign in October 2015. 

NHS England has announced public health campaigns for the upcoming year of 2015-16. This year there will be a public health campaign on Mental Health in October 2015. The objective is to raise awareness of mental health issues and mobilise efforts in support of mental health. The theme for 2015 is “Dignity in Mental Health”. Please use the mental health toolkit to fully engage with the mental health public health campaign.

LPC Engagement with the ‘Year of Mental Health’ so far

The LPC and The Wellbeing Service have worked in partnership to coordinate a promotion initiative of the Wellbeing Service in the the Herts Valley Area. The Wellbeing Service is part of the national Increased Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme. The service offers practical support and talking therapies for anyone experiencing mild to moderate mental health problems including depression, anxiety, anger,insomnia and post traumatic stress disorder. Support and therapy is also offered to people with a long term physical health condition.

A letter sent to community pharmacies in Dacorum can be accessed here.

A letter sent to community pharmacies in Hertsmere can be accessed here.

A letter sent to community pharmacies in St Albans and Harpenden can be accessed here.

A letter sent to community pharmacies in Watford and Three Rivers can be accessed here.