The HVCCG Homely Remedies guidance has been updated. Key changes include:

  • Reference to the HVCCG OTC policy and HVCCG Good Practice Guidance document on prescribing over-the-counter medication to individuals in receipt of social care.
  • The previous HVCCG Homely Remedies guidance recommended that the GP practice is made aware when a homely remedies process is active in the care home. This has now been updated to include that advice on the use of homely remedies should be taken for each resident in advance or at the time of need.
  • This advice should be taken from a healthcare professional, such as a GP or pharmacist (or care home nurse). This is in line with current CQC guidance. There is a homely remedy authorisation form template within the document which care homes/ practices can adopt.
  • Further guidance provided around the checks that care home staff should take before making a decision to administer a homely remedy.

Position Statement on treatment of diabetic hypos in primary care
A range of products containing sufficient fast acting carbohydrate (glucose) to effectively treat diabetic hypoglycaemia are widely available from supermarkets and corner shops, at a low cost to the consumer.
Despite this, Herts Valleys CCG spent £20,000 on prescription of products such as Glucojuice and Glucogel during 2018/19.
This position statement makes it clear that products such as Glucojuice and Glucogel should not be prescribed at NHS expense and that patients/parents/carers should be advised regarding effective treatment based on readily available purchased products.
Prescription pad leaflets produced by NHS Hertfordshire and other leaflets that may be useful for community pharmacy are available from the Herts Valley CCG website.

Watford and Three Rivers Trust, Getting Together Service provide well being and social clubs for people over the age of 55.

Here is the briefing note from Public Health England regarding BCG vaccine administration errors and action regarding the disposal of Intervax Ltd BCG vaccine and its diluent.