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Live life independently. Community alarm and telecare services in Hertfordshire.

Herts Careline and Hertfordshire LPC have provided a flyer giving community pharmacies information around a Careline Community alarm and the benefit to patients and their families that this can offer.

To meet demand from their customers who have asked them to provide a pendant that works outside of the home, they have launched the Herts Bernie. Herts Bernie is a St Bernard rescue dog for the 21st century – a portable pendant and reliable companion who can help in an emergency, wherever a person is. It’s the perfect addition (not a replacement) to our community alarm and telecare service, which helps people live independently at home. Now they can offer a solution for when they are out and about too. Further details https://www.care-line.co.uk/services/Herts-Bernie.aspx

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Herts Careline Newsletter – December 2018

Herts Careline Assistive Technology News Autumn 2018

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