Guidance for Optimising Medicines Support for Patients

Guidance for Optimising Medicines Support for Patients: Seven Day Prescribing and Multi-compartment Compliance Aids (MCA) Best Practice 1 July 2020

Updated 12 June 2020

On 1 July 2020 guidance is being implemented by East and North Hertfordshire CCG and Herts Valleys CCG that has been developed in conjunction with Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire LMC and Community Pharmacy Hertfordshire that  outline the options for understanding best practice with respect to improving access to medicines.

This guidance only applies to new patients requesting medicines support until the end of December 2020. Further advice will be issued in relation to existing patients by 1 January 2021. This is because it is recognised that it will be more difficult to change current support to existing patients as all those involved in their care may agree it would not be appropriate to disrupt their patients’ existing routine if they are complying well with their medicines regime.

The aims of the guide are to:

  1. ensure that reasonable adjustments are used when clinically appropriate to support independent living and that these are right for the patient;
  2. increase awareness amongst health and social care staff, as well as patients and carers, on the wide range of support mechanisms that are available to support patient compliance with prescribed therapy;
  3. provide a best practice framework and tools in assessing the level of medicines compliance of a patient and identifying what support is needed/available to help them to take/use medicines correctly;
  4. provide consistent messages to the local health and care economy on resources that are available for professionals and patients on the NHS; and
  5. provide clarity about when it is clinically appropriate to issue seven day prescriptions.

The full guidance with all appendices is available as one document.

If you need further support, have any questions or wish to give any feedback for consideration, please do get in contact with the LPC. We are here to support you through this change and welcome your feedback. We cannot help you or make further representations on your behalf if you do not feed in issues that happen on the ground into the LPC.

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