Eastern Academic Health Science Network (EAHSN)

The EAHSN shared their 2018/19 impact review, which looks back at the highlights of their work in the past year, told largely through stories from people they have worked with across the region.


Their purpose is to turn great ideas into positive health impact. They do this by working with everyone in the community – innovators, healthcare leaders and staff, industry partners, academics and citizens. They achieve more working together than they do in isolation and they couldn’t have achieved the impact they have in the past year without your support – thank you.


The headline figures are that over 23,000 people benefited last year from their programmes and they provided around 1,900 hours of support to innovators. However, the figures alone don’t tell the whole story. Hopefully you find reading more about the people behind these figures, their partners and their communities, insightful and inspiring. It is astounding seeing the breadth and variety of projects and the scale and pace of their impact for both the population in the East and in some cases far further afield.


They hope you find this interactive digital version an interesting read, but sometimes it can be easier to read long form content in print, and they would be delighted to also send you copies of this review for both your personal use and sharing with your organisation. Please just let them know how many you would like to receive.


They continue to be ambitious for our patients as we go from strength to strength, working collaboratively with you and building on their relationship to date. Please feel free to contact them if you would like any more information on any of the programmes in this review or to discuss collaborative working.


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