Patient leaflets designed for diabetes

Pharmacies in East and North Hertfordshire will receive two leaflets designed for patients with diabetes accompanied by the following letter.

The first leaflet contains information on hypos and has been designed specifically for pharmacists to give to patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes when dispensing their diabetes medication. The leaflet is part of the Eastern Academic Health Science Network (EAHSN) project to reduce emergency ambulance call outs to people with diabetes and severe acute hypoglycaemia in the East of England.

The second leaflet is aimed at women of preconception age (16-45 years) with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.  The leaflet contains important information around folic acid use and glycaemic control which some women who are not in regular contact with a specialist diabetes team may be unaware of.

The aim of the second leaflet is to:

1) optimise the use of safe effective contraception and reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies in fertile women with diabetes and

2) for those planning a pregnancy to optimise their diabetes care and medications to reduce adverse outcomes.