Changes to medication

The CCG has recently emailed all pharmacies in East and North Herts CCG to inform them of upcoming changes to medication of patients in East and North Hertfordshire CCG area practices in order that you can adjust your stocks accordingly and support patients with their medicines.
As part of the NHS efficiency savings (QIPP 2016/17), the CCG has required the pharmacy and medicines optimisation team to identify a number of potential prescribing savings that can be implemented.
These are in the form of branded generic switches as detailed below.

  • Fentanyl patches (including Durogesic, Osmanil, Yemex, Victanyl) to Fencino patches
  • Oxycodone immediate release capsules to Shortec capsules
  • Oxycodone modified release tablets to Longtec tablets

When the switches are made a script note will be included for patient information. Please support patients to positively reassure them that these changes simply reflect a change of brand / formulation and that the active ingredient remains the same and will not affect their treatment.
If community pharmacies encounter problems with these changes please feedback to your local community pharmacy representative or to the LPC.