Immediate access to emergency drugs

Updated 9 February 2021

Immediate access to emergency drugs

The immediate access to emergency drugs scheme is commissioned by East and North Herts CCG.

One of the key aims of this scheme is to enable palliative care patients to get quicker access to palliative care and end of life care drugs. Delays in receiving palliative care have been identified as a gap in service in the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment.

The pharmacies participating in this scheme are listed Here.

a) An agreed List of palliative care drugs and suggested quantities is to be stocked by the community pharmacies listed.
b) All Hertfordshire community pharmacists must be the first point of call to access palliative care drugs during normal opening hours.
c) Herts Urgent Care procedure must be put into operation if during out of hours, there are no pharmacies open which are part of the scheme.
d) Service users must be aware of how the Herts Urgent Care scheme operates and must make it clear when making the call that palliative care drugs are required.