Sexual Health Service

Update 22 October 2020

A new Sexual and Reproductive Health Guidance from the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health has been released. The guidance outlines essential services that must be available to women during and beyond the pandemic as well as recommendations on delivering services and prioritising patients.




Update 1 October 2020 Changes to the Chlamydia Screening and Treatment services in Hertfordshire

Due to a rise in diagnosed Gonorrhoea cases across England, including Hertfordshire, a review of local STI epidemiology data was undertaken. In response, the following changes to the current Chlamydia Screening Programme came into effect from 1 October 2020:


  • Dual testing for both chlamydia and gonorrhoea is now available to Public Health commissioned services that currently deliver chlamydia screening programme e.g. pharmacies, GP’s, youth services
  • Anyone 15 years and above (previously up to 25 years) can request a test
  • Those who complete a test using the current chlamydia only form will be screened for Chlamydia, including those 25 years and above.
  • If you use a dual testing form (see attached), the patient will be screened for both chlamydia and gonorrhoea regardless of which kit they use – current chlamydia kit (in green envelope) or new kits (in a white box).
  • All new kits ordered will automatically have a dual testing form inside.
  • Sexual Health Hertfordshire (SHH) will have copies of the new forms for services who have old kits but want to offer dual testing. These can also be printed but you must add your site code to the form. For more information contact SHH on: 0208 102 4894 Email:
  • Services providing access to treatment for uncomplicated Chlamydia may treat anyone aged 15 years and above under a new locally agreed PGD for the supply of Azithromycin and Doxycycline.


This change will provide easier access to STI testing and treatment services, especially in areas where access to specialist and online sexual health services is difficult.


Further details are outlined in the new Pharmacy contract and PGD. These have been sent out to those eligible to provide this service.   In the meantime, watch this 6-minute presentation, which provides a summary of the changes and further updates.

Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea test request form



  1. Public Health England’s Reproductive Health, Sexual Health and HIV Innovation Fund 2020-21

PHE is delighted to share the announcement of the PHE Reproductive Health, Sexual Health and HIV Innovation Fund 2020-21.

Since 2015 our annual Innovation Fund has supported volunteer organisations to spearhead new approaches in addressing inequalities in sexual health, reproductive health and HIV. This year the fund looks to particularly support projects that focus specifically on Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities. Proposals will be accepted from voluntary sector organisations to deliver projects of up to 12 months in duration of a cost of between £25,000 and £75,000.

We would especially value your help to share this with organisations that focus on reproductive health and/or FGM specifically, as they may not be aware of the Innovation Fund given its HIV focus in previous years. The link to the official webpage is below, where all the guidance and application details can be found:

A webinar to provide guidance on how to apply for the fund will be held on 02 September 2020 at 11:00 which will explain the application process in more detail – a recording will later be posted on the website. The deadline for submitting applications is 17:00 on 18 September 2020.

Alternatively the dedicated team can be contacted via address


2.Home Office free E-Learning course on FGM hosted via Virtual College

The Home Office provides a free E-Learning course on FGM, hosted via Virtual College, which can be found here:

The duration of this course is approximately 1 – 2 hours – the length of time taken depends entirely on how quickly you can study and absorb the material. You do not have to complete all the training in one session and can proceed as quickly or as slowly as you like. After completing all of the training material you will be able to take the online assessment which consists of 15 questions (taken at random from a database) and has a pass mark of 1%. Once you have undertaken all of the activities, passed the online assessment and completed the relevant evaluation you will be able to download and print your certificate, please make sure that your name is correct as this will appear on your certificate.


3.Domestic Abuse Pathways Project/Professionals Survey

Hertfordshire’s Domestic Abuse Pathways Project is now live.  The overall aim of this project is to identify what we need to do in Hertfordshire to ensure all victims of domestic abuse receive the right help at the right time.  To find out more about this project, and what it will involve, please take a couple of minutes to watch the video below  – Ctrl, Alt and click the image to open.

Because we know anyone can experience domestic abuse, we also know they can seek help in many different ways.  The Domestic Violence Strategic Partnerships Team want to understand more about domestic abuse from those working in people-facing professions, because you are often the people that could spot the signs.

I have been asked to share this anonymous survey because you work in a role where you might come across victims or perpetrators of domestic abuse.  Questions will be about your professional experience of domestic abuse, including what you’ve seen and how you’ve responded to suspected or confirmed cases of domestic abuse in the past. This will help us to improve services and support for victims of domestic violence or abuse.

To complete this survey, please visit:  or scan this code with your smartphone or tablet.


4. Contraception service user’s consultation

Public Health Hertfordshire are producing a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment on Contraception.  To ensure service user feedback, a short questionnaire has been developed. Using the text below we would be extremely grateful if you can promote this survey with service users and encourage its completion.

The survey is confidential and does not ask for any names or personal information, and it will take approximately 5 mins to complete.

Are you currently using contraception or have previously used any type of contraception? If you are 16 years and over and live in Hertfordshire, we want to hear from you.

Click now. Give us your views:


5. Relationships and Sexual Health: Guidance for professionals working with Young People

 With the new school term starting soon, don’t forget local relationship and sexual health guidance for working with young people has been updated.  It is aimed at anyone working with young people in Hertfordshire and contains links to local services as well as national resources. Currently, this is only available in a PDF format. Due to Covid we are unable to get printed copies produced and distributed.


6.Working with LGBT Young People

YC Hertfordshire are recruiting to some new positions specifically to develop their offer to LGBT young people. For more information click on the links below:

Project Officer


* * * * *



Sexual Health Update: 23/07/2020



Public Health Hertfordshire has issued an important update for community pharmacies currently commissioned to provide the sexual health service.

This update also includes important signposting information for all community pharmacies, regardless of whether you are contracted to provide the community pharmacy service, on sexual health services operating in the current period should you receive any queries.

** END


The sexual health service provided by community pharmacy is commissioned by Hertfordshire County Council. The 2017-2020 service specification for sexual health can be accessed here

The PGD for the supply of Azithromycin (1 December 2018 to 30 November 2021) can be accessed here

The PGD for the supply of Doxycycline (14 January 2019 to 30 November 2021) can be accessed here

The PGD for the supply of Levonorgestrel (19 November 2019 to 18 November 2022) can be accessed here

The PGD for the supply of Ulipristal (19 November 2019 to 18 November 2022) can be accessed here

The sexual health pgd masterclass presentation can be accessed here

Public Health will be regularly publishing a quarterly sexual health update included below that outlines some key reminders for pharmacies along with outlining activity for the last quarter and celebrating those pharmacies providing the most support:

Chlamydia Screening and Treatment

The Chlamydia Service User Treatment Form can be accessed here.

The Chlamydia Service User Supply Form can be accessed here. Please note you must complete the treatment form before completing the supply form. 

If you choose to use the paper forms available above then the data from the forms need to be entered onto PharmOutcomes as soon as possible and should be no later than 10 days after the consultation date, in order to secure payment. Payment will only be paid on the basis of information entered into PharmOutcomes.


The Emergency Contraception (Levonelle-1500) Assessment and Supply form can be accessed here.

If you choose to use the paper form available above then the data from the form needs to be entered onto PharmOutcomes as soon as possible and should be no later than 10 days after the consultation date, in order to secure payment. Payment will only be paid on the basis of information entered into PharmOutcomes.

A promotional poster for the EHC service provided by HCC can be found here.

Translation Services

If telephone translations are required the use of Language Line ( can be purchased by individual community pharmacies.


Information on the Sexual Health Service can be found here. It contains information of clinic opening times and locations for signposting along with lots of other useful resources.

HCC in partnership with Sexual Health Hertfordshire have produced a short film on what happens when a patient attends their local sexual health service. To view the film and for more information around STI’s click here

People visiting the pharmacy, who require further support on sexual health advice or treatment which cannot be provided by the pharmacy can be signposted accordingly to the relevant health and social care providers.  The following information will help you provide information and support to patients and the public visiting the pharmacy:

  • ChannelMOGO is a portal that brings together lots of services and useful websites for young people in Hertfordshire. Further information about ChannelMOGO is available here. 
  • Sexual Health Hertfordshire commission all sexual health services in Hertfordshire. Further information is available here. 
  • Hertfordshire County Council

Sexual health social media toolkit

Hertfordshire community pharmacies providing sexual health services

Public Health England – sexual health campaign

C-Card Hertfordshire

Video – what’s it like to have an STI?

What’s normal vaginal discharge?

How does emergency contraception affect my period?

How long does it take to treat chlamydia?

How is the copper IUD or hormonal IUS inserted?

Brook has been commissioned to deliver the Sexualised Behaviour Traffic Light Tool across Hertfordshire. The tool supports professionals working with children and young people by helping them to identify and respond appropriately to sexual behaviours. It is particularly useful when providing sexual health interventions e.g. condom distribution, emergency contraception, STI testing.  Details here of the free training. Dates, venues and how to sign up