CGL Spectrum Community Pharmacy Commissioned Services

CGL (previously CRI) Spectrum are commissioned to provide drugs and alcohol services within Hertfordshire by Hertfordshire County Council and they subcontract supervised consumption and needle exchange services from some community pharmacies.

The Service Level Agreement for Supervised Consumption Programme and Pharmacy Needle & Syringe Programme has been revised and comes into effect on 01 September 2019 as detailed in a letter from CGL Spectrum in August 2019.

If you would like to sign up for any service and have any queries regarding a service you can contact CGL Spectrum via their countywide email

CGL Spectrum launched their new All Ages Drug and Alcohol Service, on 1 April 2019. They now deliver support for both adults and under-18s and have created a dedicated website  detailing some of the changes and improvements.

Supervised Consumption Service

The supervised consumption programme in Hertfordshire is commissioned by CGL Spectum.

The 2019 Service Level Agreement (SLA) for community pharmacists providing supervised consumption of medication can be accessed here.

Needle Exchange Service

The needle exchange service provided by community pharmacy is commissioned by CGL Spectrum.

The 2019 Service Level Agreement (SLA) for community pharmacists providing needle exchange incorporating take home Naloxone can be accessed here.

A map of those pharmacies and CRi Spectrum hubs for needle exchange services is available here along with a more detailed list.

CGL Spectrum Pharmacy Newsletters

July 2019 – Pharmacy Newsletter – issue 4.

January 2019 – Pharmacy Newsletter – issue 3

July 2018 – Pharmacy Newsletter – issue 2

December 2018 – Pharmacy Newsletter – quarterly briefing

January 2018 – Pharmacy Newsletter – issue 1

July 2017 – Pharmacy Newsletter – quarterly briefing

August 2017 Pharmacy Newsletter – quarterly briefing 

CGL Spectrum Medicine Update and Changes

October 2019 CGL Spectrum – Requests to void supervised consumption prescriptions
A new measure has been introduced by CGL Spectrum that is intended to lessen, or best avoid dispensing against voided prescriptions which is an error that does occur due to systemic errors. Full information on the process change is contained within the letter that has also been circulated via PharmOutcomes and with every batch envelope over the next four weeks.

February 2019 – Prescription change from generic buprenorphine to Espranor® (buprenorphine oral lyophilisate) 2mg and 8mg. Further details here

February 2019 – CGL Spectrum reminder letter that Espranor is not interchangeable with generic buprenorphine sublingual tablets at the same dose. Further information can be obtained from 

Please inform CGL Spectrum if you have been involved in any incidents involving Espranor / Buprenorphine in the usual way and in your normal CD reporting processes.

December 2018 – CGL Spectrum provided a bulletin with FAQ’s included around the changes from buprenorphine tablets to Espranor.

December 2018 – CGL Spectrum newsletter with stock information of recent buprenorphine supply and price fluctuations  and notification letter here.

May 2016 – CGL Spectrum letter  to pharmacies around the switch of methadone solution 1mg/ml to Physeptone® oral solution 1mg/ml and Physeptone® oral solution sugar free 1mg/ml.