Smokefree Homes and Cars

In the UK, around 2 million children are estimated to be regularly exposed to Second Hand Smoke in the home and between 6.5% – 20% of children are reported to be exposed to Second Hand Smoke in cars. The only effective way to protect children from SHS exposure is to make homes and cars completely smoke free.

Every year, as a result of second hand smoke in an average Hertfordshire district, it is expected that children are affected as follows :

  • 35 cases of Lower Respiratory Tract Infection
  • eg bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchiolitis
  • 200 ear infections
  • 40 cases of wheeze and asthma
  • 4 childhood cases of bacterial meningitis

Pharmacists in Hertfordshire can help to promote the Smokefree Homes and Cars campaign by actively encouraging service users to make the Smokefree Homes and Cars Pledge. Leaflets, posters and pledge documentation are available from The public can also Make the Pledge online.

Smoke free Homes and Cars