Hertfordshire Children’s Centres

Signposting is an essential service in the new contractual framework for community pharmacy. Pharmacists will provide signposting to support, advice or treatment that cannot be provided by the pharmacy, to other health and social care providers or support organisations as appropriate. In order to make the biggest impact on inequalities in health, pharmacy teams need to actively help people who may not always ask for assistance.

Hertfordshire Children’s Centres 

  • Children’s Centres offer services for children under five and their families
  • 82 children’s centres in Hertfordshire clustered in 29 geographical groups
  • Services are delivered at designated Children’s centre premises and are also delivered in a variety of community venues including community centres, village halls, schools and in family homes
  • Children’s centres provide services for a minimum of 48 weeks per year
  • Services and activities provided during the working day and some activities during the evening and at weekends
  • A range of services working in partnership with schools, midwives, health visitors, GPs and other local service providers to ensure continuous support to young children and their families
  • Tailored support on a one-to-one basis for vulnerable families, including home visits

All children’s centres work closely with parents and support parents to access a range of services. Each group of children’s centres supports young children and their families by offering a core menu of services in the following areas:

Supporting child development
  • All centres support child development, particularly speech and language and run groups for babies and toddlers or link with community based toddler groups
  • All children’s centres work closely with the childminders, pre-schools, day nurseries, nursery schools and nursery classes in their geographical area and can support parents to access a place for their child
  • All centres can support parents to access free early education places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds
Outreach and family support
  • All centres provide support and information for all families as well as specific one-to one support for more vulnerable families through home visits or targeted groups
  • All centres use assessment tools such as eCAF, Graded Care Profile or Family Plus Outcome Star to assess the needs of a family and develop an action plan to support them
Parenting support
  • All centres provide information and advice on parenting skills at significant transition points for the family (e.g. pre- birth, early days and settling into childcare or school
  • All centres offer Bookstart activities to encourage parents to read with their children
  • All centres offer access to evidence based parenting programmes i.e  Family Nurturing Links Programme (also known as the Parenting Puzzle)
Access to training and work opportunities
  • All centres provide support for parents and carers who want to access training via the centre or local adult learning providers
  • All centres providing support for parents to find employment including links with local Job Centre Plus advisors
  • All centres encourage and support volunteering
Child and family health services (including those delivered by community midwives and health visitors)
  • Each children’s centre group provides a range of family support, health and information services for all families.
  • Many centres host baby clinics run by the local health visiting team and some centres offer access to community midwives
Support Hertfordshire Public Health strategy
  • All centres provide sessions on healthy eating, breastfeeding-support and first aid training for parents
  • All centres distribute FREE Healthy Start vitamins
  • Centres promote childhood immunisations, stop smoking programmes and dental health


All centres have a website and produce newsletters with details of their services. To find out the current details of the activities and services offered by individual centres click here

Pharmacy teams can signpost patients to the following children centres using the following request form.