LPC Support

The LPC has sent out a supportive document to all community pharmacies to outline what support we will be offering you that also outlines a summary update on Community Pharmacy Contract Changes 2016-18 and a Community Pharmacy Support Checklist.

The LPC office has decided not to offer an overarching workshop on the changes to the contract because there is already a lot of information available to support you including useful webinars provided by PSNC, which we have signposted in document that is also available on our LPC website. Please note we will be offering dementia training in February along with Summary Care Record (SCR) CPPE workshops in February/March 2017. Watch out for further information in our weekly e-news.

We believe that it would be more beneficial to offer individual community pharmacies our own time throughout January and February 2017 to support those with responsibility for implementing the changes identified. Unfortunately we cannot visit every pharmacy in Hertfordshire during this period due to the volume of pharmacies. We are happy to attend managers meetings for CCA/AIM members and meet with owner/superintendent pharmacists at a time and venue of your convenience for a maximum of two hours. This would be for you to seek support from the LPC office on any areas where you may need clarification in order to meet the relevant parts of the new contract.

If you would like to take up this offer please email info@hertslpc.org.uk with the name of your pharmacy/pharmacies and a suggested date/time/location. Please note we are happy to offer our LPC office as a meeting location. It is important that you meet with us when you have no distractions so that we can help you to develop a plan so that you can meet the challenges of changes to your contract in 2017.