Weather conditions

Weather conditions

February 4, 2019

In the occurance of more bad weather, please be safe and consider the welfare of you and your staff in problematic weather. The LPC is always keen to hear “good news” stories of how you and your staff may have gone above and beyond to support your local community and patients so please do email us with any stories to

If members of staff and clinicians have been unable to get into your pharmacy as a result of adverse weather conditions, then please can you notify NHS England if you have had to activate your emergency contingency plans and confirm that these plans ensure that essential services continue to be available to patients.

NHS England would expect pharmacies to open their normal contracted hours, but if despite your best efforts you are unable to remain open, we ask that in addition to notifying NHS England, you ensure local GP practices have been informed of your intent to close.

For any closures within your contracted hours (both core and supplementary), please complete the document and return this to 100 hour pharmacies will also need to complete the relevant section that indicates when you intend to re-provide any contracted hours lost. There is also a guide to the local policy, NHS England (Central Midlands) Procedure for Unplanned Temporary Suspension of Services.

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