Prescription submission reminder – Stickers on prescriptions

Prescription submission reminder – Stickers on prescriptions

May 2, 2019

NHSBSA have raised concerns over the increasing number of prescriptions they are receiving with stickers attached to them. This causes particular issues where the stickers are obscuring the prescriber details on the bottom of prescription forms. Prescriber details must be visible for relevant costs to be attributed to the appropriate CCG. If the prescriber details are obscured and NHSBSA are unable to determine which CCG to attribute the cost to, then these prescriptions are allocated as ‘national unidentified’. This can lead to inaccuracies in prescribing budgets, prescribing data and ePACT data.

Contractors are reminded not to attach any stickers to prescriptions or obscure patient or prescriber information. Residual glue on prescriptions from stickers or sticky labels, can affect the scanning process which can lead to a delay in processing your bundle. Any pins or staples should also be removed from prescriptions as these can affect the scanners too.

See the Prescription Submission Factsheet for top tips to remember when submitting prescriptions for payment.

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