Primary Care Network Update and mapping of community pharmacies

Primary Care Network Update and mapping of community pharmacies

October 3, 2019

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are a key part of the NHS Long Term Plan, with all general practices required to be in a network by June 2019, and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) being required to commit recurrent funding to develop and maintain them.

You will also be aware that as part of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework settlement 2019/20 – 2023-34 there has been mention of integration with PCNs included within transitional payments and a standalone criteria within the Pharmacy Quality Scheme.

East and North Herts CCG has published their confirmed list of the 12 PCNs across their area on their website. Herts Valleys CCG has not yet formally published their confirmed list of the 16 PCNs across their area but we have put together information from a number of sources in order to map these – please note this is not final and is subject to change.

The LPC has undertaken a mapping of where existing community pharmacies would align with each PCN which we are now publishing:

Each pharmacy has only been assigned to one PCN. Please note this is not a definitive list and we would encourage you to review where your community pharmacy has been placed within this list. If you believe your pharmacy  would be better placed within another PCN please email as soon as possible and we will update the list.

At some point a further mapping may be undertaken more centrally about where community pharmacies should be situated alongside PCNs but the above will give you a good basis to start discussions with other pharmacies within your assigned PCN that may support you to meet the criterion for the Pharmacy Quality Scheme as outlined below. Over the next week we will be setting up email addresses for all the different PCN groupings to facilitate community pharmacies in opening a dialogue with each other so watch out for this. If your grouping of community pharmacies is struggling to identify a lead or you cannot decide between more than one lead please email the LPC office for support and guidance.

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) domain

Contractors must meet the one quality criterion listed below in the PCN domain to be able to claim payment for this domain. Meeting this domain is worth:

  • 22.5 points and has a value of between £1,440 – £2,880 for a Pharmacy PCN lead; or
  • 12.5 points and has a value of between £800 – £1,600 for a non-Pharmacy PCN lead.

Funding will be divided between qualifying pharmacies based on the number of points they have achieved. Payments will be made to eligible contractors depending on how many domains they have met and hence points claimed.


On the day of the declaration, the pharmacy must be able to demonstrate that their pharmacy, and all of the other pharmacies within the PCN footprint who wish to engage with a PCN, have agreed a collaborative approach to engaging with their PCN. This approach must include agreement on a single channel of communication by appointing a named lead representative for all of the community pharmacies who wish to engage with their PCN in the PCN footprint.  The Pharmacy PCN Lead must have provided their name to the Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC) in which the PCN lies and must have demonstrable evidence that they have started the engagement process with the PCN, i.e. they have made initial contact with the Clinical Director for the PCN either by contacting them through correspondence (post/email) or by arranging a meeting with them or by meeting them.

All pharmacies claiming for this domain must submit the name of their appointed Pharmacy PCN Lead and the pharmacy name and ODS code for the Pharmacy PCN Lead as WILL BE described in the NHS England and NHS Improvement Pharmacy Quality Scheme 2019/20 Guidance.

The Pharmacy PCN Lead must declare:

  • that they are the appointed Pharmacy Lead for that PCN;
  • the name of the PCN;
  • that they have notified this to the LPC in which the PCN lies; and
  • that they have evidence of having started the engagement process with the PCN, as outlined above.


Community Pharmacy Pledge

Please can we also remind you about the community pharmacy pledge that was launched at our AGM in July 2019. A lot of this is linked to working more collaboratively with other community pharmacies. Only 20 pharmacies have completed and submitted a pledge. We would like to use the submission of the pledge to demonstrate community pharmacy engagement with PCNs to our local stakeholders and would encourage you to submit this as soon as possible.

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