Drug Tariff Appliance Watch: Notice of Deletion

Drug Tariff Appliance Watch: Notice of Deletion

May 31, 2019

Where an appliance is due to be deleted from Part IX of the Drug Tariff (DT), a three-month period of notice is issued by the NHS Business Service Authority (NHSBSA). The listed appliances earmarked for deletion are individually identified with a symbol flagged against the listing with a footnote at the bottom of the page to indicate the month of deletion.

It is important to note that the Drug Tariff Preface section lists the names of appliances that have been deleted from the current months DT and only identifies the page numbers of any listed appliances to be deleted from the following month. An appliance flagged with a two-or three-month notice of deletion may not always be easy to identify as they are not separately listed in the Preface section by their page number(s) but are annotated using the relevant symbol on their respective page in Part IX.

Pharmacy teams should keep track of appliances which are due to be deleted from the DT to manage stock ordering and to run down any excess stock ahead of the planned month of deletion. Only those appliances listed in Part IX of the DT can be dispensed against NHS prescriptions. If you dispense an appliance not listed in the DT, the item(s) would be returned as disallowed and payment will not be made for dispensing the appliance.

Each month, PSNC will publish a list of appliances to be deleted from the DT giving contractors full visibility of all appliances due to be deleted in the coming month(s).

PSNC have published the appliances flagged with a notice of deletion and are due to be deleted from Part IX of the June, July and August 2019 Drug Tariff.

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