Summary Care Record

Summary Care Records for Community Pharmacies

From 1 April 2017, a new process for pharmacies and pharmacy staff to register for access to Summary Care Records (SCR) was introduced. Details of the new process are outlined on the NHS Digital SCR web pages. The process to apply for SCR access will now be through the website and there will be no requirement to attend face to face training.

Over 93% of community pharmacies now have access to SCR and over 24,000 pharmacy professionals have completed the SCR eLearning.

There is eLearning on the website for community pharmacy SCR Governance Persons (SGPs) (formerly known as Privacy Officers).

If you have any enquiries about accessing SCR

Have a question? Call on 0300 303 5678 or contact


If you are experiencing technical difficulties and can’t access SCR, please contact:
• ◾Your local project contact
• ◾Your usual IT helpdesk
• ◾National SCR programme.


regional SCR implementation manager:
• Midlands:


In 2015 Summary Care Records (SCR) was piloted nationally across the country within the community pharmacy setting and has been proven a great success. SCR has now been given full roll out approval for all community pharmacies. Arden & GEM CSU have been commissioned by your local Area Team to manage the implementation of the SCR in your local area

Arden & GEM CSU Project team will be responsible in providing each pharmacy with all the required tools and information in order to facilitate the use of SCR.

Locally Northamptonshire and Derbyshire participated in a proof of concept pilot to evaluate the benefits of community pharmacy access to view Summary Care Records, the results were very positive.

The vision is that by 2017 all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will recognise that access to SCR will be an essential tool to help deliver high quality care. Use of the information within SCR will help to improve the efficiency of delivery, information decision making and help to ensure safer outcomes. Whilst it is a ‘read only’ document presently, it is hoped that this will continue to be developed.

There are some key requirements that pharmacies will need to complete in order to get access to SCR. Only registered pharmacists and registered pharmacy technicians will be allowed to view SCR in their pharmacy.

Each pharmacy will need to have in place and complete the following:

  • Attend face to face engagement meeting with the SCR project team (one representative per pharmacy)
  • CPPE on-line accredited training
  • Completion of the Acceptable User Agreement (AUA)
  • Privacy Officer (PO) in place for your pharmacy


Arden & GEM SCR Project Team

Arden and GEM CSU were successful in the bid to complete the roll out of the Summary Care Records project to the following areas:

Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Coventry, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Luton, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire

Multiple pharmacies have taken responsibility of implementing SCR internally and Aren & GEM CSU are not providing support to the following pharmacy groups: Lloyds, Boots, Day Lewis, Dean Smeadley, Rowlands, Safedale Ltd, Cohens Group, Tesco, Manor Pharmacy, Cox & Robinson, Superdrug, H I Weldicks, Knights, Morrisons


Each individual should make themselves aware of the details via the HSCIC link below:

Ideally all pharmacists and registered pharmacy technicians (employed or locum) within the pharmacy should complete the CPPE e-learning and assessment via the below link:

When your pharmacy is ready to Go Live with SCR you need to submit your Acceptance User Agreement via:


SCR Implementation Process Steps


Patient Information


PSNC Information

SCR Checklist: