EPS System Supplier Contact Details And Training Resources.

To fully realise the potential of the Electronic Prescription Service and minimise disruptions, pharmacy staff need to be appropriately trained in how to use the system. System suppliers offer a range of training support material on the Electronic Prescription Service. Please plan your training in advance and identify what approach works best for the pharmacy team.

The following link shows each of the system suppliers, the type of training they provide and the tools that they have developed to support EPS end users.

EPS system supplier contact details can be viewed below.

Supplier System and Contact Details
AAH Pharmaceuticals Ltd   Systems: AAH and Rx Systems Ltd have formed a partnership to deliver a single PMR system, ProScript LINK
Email: linkenquiries@aah.co.uk
Sales: 02476 625562
Support: 0844 561 2266 (Account number required)
Cegedim Rx Ltd Systems: Pharmacy Manager, Nexphase
Email: info@cegedimrx.co.uk
Sales: 0844 630 2002 (option 1)
Support: 0844 630 2000 (customer number required)
Helix Health System: QicSCRIPT
Email: pharmacysupport@helixhealth.com
Sales/Support: 0844 770 7580
Pharmasys System: Pharmasys
Email: sales@pharmasysuk.com
Sales: 0207 471 8124
Support: 0207 471 8123
Positive Solutions Ltd System: Analyst PMR
Email: solutions@positive-solutions.co.uk
Sales/Support: (01257) 275 800
Rx Systems Ltd System: ProScript
Email: info@rxsystems.co.uk
Sales/Support: 0845 634 2634