Problem Solving IT issues with EPS

It is essential that all system problems, however minor, are reported to pharmacy system suppliers. Contact details of pharmacy system suppliers is available here. In some cases, the problem may be resolved over the phone, for example if it is a training or local system configuration problem. In other cases, the supplier may need to add it on to their work plan as a future development. Where the supplier can’t resolve a problem, for example, if it is an issue with the GP system, the pharmacy supplier can escalate the issue to a national helpdesk to co-ordinate resolution. The pharmacy system supplier can escalate matters to HSCIC via WebLock program or by phoning HSCIC at 08453660066. If the system supplier refuse to deal with the query you can raise the issue with HSCIC directly using 0845366066 or emailing

Remember to obtain a helpdesk reference number with the system supplier. If the supplier does not resolve the problem in a satisfactory way, having the reference number is essential so that the problem can be escalated via other routes.

HSCIC have produced a guideline on pharmacy IT troubleshooting which is available here.

For further guidance on technical issues with EPS please refer to the link by PSNC available here.