ODS change process

Reports into ODS changes and discussions with others about some of the back-end processes needed, suggest some improvements have been made during 2018. However, PSNC is aware that the current ODS change process remains far from ideal and are continuing to conduct further work with other organisations (NHS Digital, NHSBSA, pharmacy suppliers, NHSE&I, and others). PSNC has been sharing evidence with NHS Digital user researchers this summer to further highlight those areas where further reforms are required to the practical aspects of the ODS change process.

Contractors that are working through the IT changes relating to ODS change will benefit from working through PSNC’s ODS checklist and guide (https://psnc.org.uk/odschange), if they have not done so yet. The guide explains the timescales and notification processes that can help to ensure that EPS nominations can be transferred at the appropriate point. Advance notice for relevant parties can assist the overall processes. This also includes information on you change your nhs.net email address.