‘Not Dispensed’ Or ‘Returned To The Spine’?

Prescriptions can only be cancelled by the prescribing site that has issued the prescription.

Pharmacists have the ability to mark an item/items as not dispensed. This means that it cannot be dispensed by that pharmacy or any other pharmacy. The item will not be removed from the patient’s record and will still show in the prescribing system.

Returning a prescription to the Spine is different; in the paper world it is the same as handing the paper prescription back to the patient to be dispensed elsewhere. A prescription may be returned to the spine if the patient needs the medication urgently and the pharmacy is out of stock of that particular medication.   It is not possible to return just one item; so even when there is more than one item on a prescription, the whole prescription must be “returned to the Spine” and a dispensing token printed off for the patient to take to another EPS Release 2 pharmacy for dispensing.

More details on this subject is available here