EPS R2 Training for Locums

To fully realise the potential of the Electronic Prescription Service and minimise disruptions, pharmacy staff and locums need to be appropriately trained in how to use the system. Problems have already arisen  that are directly attributable to either inadequate training or the absence of training.  Pharmacy contractors should ensure that locums are adequately trained with the pharmacy’s EPS processes and local system.  A locum guide should include EPS 2 local system supplier contact details should the locum have any queries about EPS. Contractors may wish to liaise with locums prior to locum shifts to ensure they complete training available by the system supplier on EPS. Click on the link available here for training tools available to support EPS by each system supplier. Alternatively ensure a member of the pharmacy team is adequately trained in the EPS system and able to support the locum pharmacist with EPS 2.