EPS lead

Four Primary Care Implementation & Utilisation Leads, Marie Barnes, Tina Glaholm, Theresa McAree and Raj Sahota have been appointed to work across the four CCGs in Herts, Beds and Luton.  They will be managing and supporting National and Local Primary Care IT & Informatics initiatives, deployments and associated work streams, providing business intelligence, guidance and support to maximise utilisation and benefits of systems.  This will exploit best practice enabling safe, effective Patient Care. The primary care implementation and utilisilation leads will additionally be supporting the EPS workstream. For unresolved EPS 2 issues please contact eps.support@hblict.nhs.uk for support and further guidance.

A number of issues concerning problems with EPS release 2 have recently been reported from pharmacies via the Hertfordshire LPC. We encourage you to report such issues additionally to the LPC to info@hertslpc.org.uk. The LPC will collaborate with the Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Luton information and communication services where appropriate so that issues can be investigated and resolved as soon as possible. Successful deployment of EPS is challenging and requires dedicated team work between the CCG, GP practices and pharmacy contractors.