HLP Re-Launch Event 30 April 2015

The HLP Re-Launch event on 30 April 2015 was attended by over 50 people. It was a good opportunity for community pharmacies to network with each other and find out what the accreditation process for HLP involves in Hertfordshire.

30 April 2015 HLP

The presentations from Lisa Olins, Pharmacy Consultant, Public Health, Hertfordshire County Council and Helen Musson, Executive Officer, Hertfordshire LPC are available below.

Lisa Olins Presentation

Helen Musson Presentation

Those in attendance were asked to identify potential barriers and solutions to these challenges. The following areas were identified:

Target Groups: for some commissioned services some pharmacies may not have the right demographic target
Reluctance for pharmacy team members to change mind-set of HLP; motivating the team to engage with HLP concept; on the same page do it for the right reasons, monetary
Being organised to record interventions
Time and the perception of how long a task may take; learning to prioritise time, protected time
Training – actually organising the staff, sharing information informally, protected time
Understanding the process
Lack of services commissioned in Hertfordshire
Patients understanding and believing in what pharmacies do in a HLP
Lack of training events
Commitment to and proactive engagement with the community and other healthcare professionals
Change in ethos
Space needed for HLP (leaflets, posters)
Finance needed to be a HLP


Look at outreach events
Empower staff; delegate tasks; look at skill mix and see what different members can contribute to in the HLP model; the pharmacy team needs to hold regular meetings to motivate staff
Staff training, development and capacity building of the whole team
Look at staff attitude; educate staff, change culture and explain how it benefits patients
More training events – offer local events and more day time training events
Make contact and links with local support groups and GP practices; update them about initiatives
Effective leadership both within and outside the pharmacy team
HLP champions to share experiences
Prioritise space for HLP – leaflet area, posters
Look at funding for HLP – push for services and find new services to attract customers
Offer online training test for staff
Ensure staff know OTC Formulary


At a networking session towards the end of the evening those in attendance were posed some questions as part of networking session. Here are those responses:

1. What will you be taking back to your pharmacy after tonight’s meeting in order to progress HLP?

Ideas, contacts, enthusiasm, positivity, a better understanding of requirements, proactivity and hard work and dedication, practical examples from Manor Pharmacy.

2. What are the biggest topics of accreditation that you think your pharmacy will struggle to achieve either through accreditation or reaccreditation?

Target group or chlamydia Screening; Chlamydia screening as customers are over 50 years old; Re-allocating time to organise promotional events; Sexual health; Smoking quits and NMS

3. What support and resources do those already HLP accredited require to maintain the ethos and principles of HLP?

On-going training (local training); Day time training; Resources-local information database; More training options to healthy living champions and to create awareness; Continual monitoring of skill base; Key contact for HLP accreditation; Local signposting details for key services; Signposting; Educating the staff

4. Who would you see as key partners and stakeholders to your local pharmacy to progress /maintain HLP implementation?

LPC; Health & Wellbeing Board; Public Health; Local group/organisations; GP surgeries; Patients

5. Who should the LPC engage with to support local pharmacies working towards HLP implementation?

Health Champions; Pharmacy team; GP surgeries; Public

6. What are your aspirations for HLP implementation in Hertfordshire in the future and what this will mean for the pharmacy?

Increase patient centred care; Increasing footfall; To be able to expand on further services; Services provision from commissioner; Increased professional image; Increase multidisciplinary communication; Empowerment-informed team- more professional image of pharmacy.