Public Health Campaigns 2018

NHS England (Central Midlands Area Team) announced the Health Promotion Programme for community pharmacy in 2018.

The promotion of healthy lifestyles is an important and mandatory part of the Community Pharmacy Terms of Service for ALL pharmacies, including distance selling pharmacies. To be consistent with other Area Teams, in future NHS England will be running the campaigns over a calendar year (January to December). Therefore there are four health promotion campaigns to run during the rest of 2018.

Please see and retain the health promotion programme 2018 for the community pharmacy contract. This includes links to resources.

Here is a blank data collection form which you can annotate and use for each campaign for recording your interventions. Completed data collection forms for each of the campaigns should be retained at the pharmacy and a copy of the summary form should be completed for each of this year’s campaigns and following completion should be submitted as one sheet at the end of the year – by the end of January 2019, to NHS England Midlands & East (Central Midlands) by email to:                                                                                          IMPORTANT – please note the change in date for submissions.

Without submission of the summary form there is no confirmation that a pharmacy has participated in the public health campaigns which form part of the essential services. Pharmacies are advised to also retain their own copies as evidence for contractual monitoring.

Thank you for your support and full and enthusiastic participation in this important and mandatory element of the pharmacy contract.

Date Campaign Focus
May-September 2018

Shingles Vaccine Awareness for ages 70-75 or 78-79



It is an all year round programme to raise awareness of shingles vaccine and to opportunistically signpost identified cohort to GP.

Shingles eligibility poster

Shingles immunisation programme letter

Letter from Dr Tim Davies, Consultant Lead for Screening and Immunisation, and Head of Public Health Commissioning

Campaign data sheet

Vaccine update – offering more information on the shingles programme

Promotional materials – poster, leaflet, postcard

Vaccines and porcine gelatine leaflet

June-July 2018

Diabetes – 15 Healthcare Essentials (to include Diabetes Awareness week 11-17 June 2018)



15 Healthcare Essentials – Diabetes leaflets to be included in patient medicine bags (to be supplied by Diabetes UK).

Diabetes Awareness Week 11-17 June 2018

Campaign resources

Professional resources

Professional resources to improve your clinical practice

Diabetes and your heart, BHF

October 2018



PHE campaign resources

PHE overview resources

NHS smoke free advice

PHE smoke free health & wealth wheel

November-December 2018

Hypertension (including CVD & AF)


Hypertension (including CVD & AF)

Blood pressure booklet

BHF publications

Public Health – campaign resources

Atrial fibrillation booklet