Primary Care Pharmacy Team Contact Details

NHS England Hertfordshire and South Midlands Area Team

Primary Care Pharmacy Team Contact Details




General Enquiries

0113 824 8893

Primary Care Support Officer:

Alan Spicer 0113 824 8892

Primary Care Support Contract Manager:

Jane Bray 0113 824 8830
Pharmacy Contracts Manager Currently vacant – Being covered by Lesley Harrison

Professional Pharmaceutical Adviser and Team:

Bhavisha Pattani

Amit Dawda

Tina Goudie

01138 249614
Head of Primary Care: Di Pegg 0113 824 8916


The local pharmacy team works from the Central Midlands Headquarters in Welwyn Garden City.

The address is: Primary Care Commissioning – Pharmacy
NHS England Midlands & East (Central Midlands)
Charter House
Welwyn Garden City
Herts AL8 6JL