Public Health (Health Promotion Campaigns) 2017-18

NHS England (Central Midlands Area Team) announced the Health Promotion Programme for community pharmacy in 2017-18 on 15 May 2017 and all pharmacies should have received the schedule by email. Please note the schedule was updated in August 2017 and is available here.

Date Campaign Focus
May/June 2017

National Smiles Month – Oral Health (Poster and leaflets) Target: All ages

Poor oral health, particularly amongst young children, has been described as a ‘national crisis’. The cost of taking children’s teeth out each year is putting a huge strain on the NHS. Tooth decay and gum disease are entirely preventable and having good oral health means a person can be free from dental pain, avoid fillings and extractions and be more likely to smile more! There are also many other associated health benefits from having good oral health including reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and better controlled diabetes. Data Collection Form: Oral Health.

June 2017

Diabetes Awareness 

NHS England was unfortunately unable to provide information for the Diabetes Awareness Campaign for June 2017 therefore this has been removed from the programme.

September 2017

Blood Pressure Awareness  (Poster and leaflets)   

This health promotion campaign focuses on the Know Your Numbers Week, 18-24 September 2017 and community pharmacists are asked to participate throughout September. The campaign is to encourage members of the public to have their blood pressure measured regularly and to raise awareness of ways to help reduce and/or prevent high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is the biggest known cause of disability and premature death in the UK through stroke, heart attack and heart disease. One in three adults in the UK has high blood pressure and every day 350 people have a preventable stroke or heart attach caused by the condition. Data Collection Form: Blood Pressure Awareness.

QA Poster & Top Tips Poster

October 2017

Stoptober (Poster and leaflets)  Target: The campaign is aimed at all smokers.

This health promotion campaign focuses on the national Stoptober Campaign and community pharmacists are asked to participate throughout October. The campaign is to encourage smokers to stop smoking and to provide advice about how smokers can access free stop smoking support. Data Collection Form: Stoptober.

Please note that Hertfordshire County Council has also issued the following Stoptober 2017 press release.

6 November to 17/December 2017

Self Care and Winter Health Poster and leaflets

This health promotion campaign focuses on the national Stay Well This Winter campaign and community pharmacists are asked to participate throughout November and December.

Stay Well This Winter Campaign Nov-Dec 2017

Blank Health Promotions Campaign Data Sheet

January 2018

Dry January (Poster and leaflets) 

Health Promotions Campaign Data Sheet – Dry January

Dry Jan 2018 campaign letter

February/March 2018

National Public Health Campaign: Stay Well (Posters and leaflets)

It will be aimed at parents with children under 5 years. Full details are available here.

Blank Health Promotions Campaign Data Sheet


It is important that you complete your data collection forms with the number of interventions provided to the public. Completed data collection forms for each of the campaigns for 2017-18 should be retained at the pharmacy and a copy of the annual summary form should be gradually completed for each of this year’s campaigns and submitted as one sheet at the end of the year to NHS England (Central Midlands) by emailing:  following completion of all the campaigns during 2017-18.

One summary form should be submitted by each contractor to NHS England. Please ensure that you submit your data collection summary form to NHS England by the end of April 2018. 

If you have any questions regarding any of the above information please contact


Each year pharmacies are required participate in up to six campaigns at the request of NHS England. This involves the display and distribution of leaflets provided by NHS England.

In addition, pharmacies are required undertake prescription-linked interventions on major areas of public health concern, such as encouraging smoking cessation.

Further information about the national regulatory requirements for these campaigns upon contractors can be found on the PSNC website here.

Download or order resources, such as leaflets, posters, guides and resource packs for all campaigns from the public health resources or health promotion access catalogue for health promotion Hertfordshire.