Stevenage HLP Signposting

In order to understand your local needs for patients in Stevenage please click on the link to access the health profile for Stevenage.

Please click on the relevant link to see information.

Please refer to the page Public Health Resources and Information on the latest campaigns and information either provided by Hertfordshire County Council or from other sources that relate to public health can be found here in order to support community pharmacy providing information to their local population.

 General Health In Stevenage

Keep Active.

Stevenage Leisure Ltd offers a  community based G.P. Referral, Cardiac Rehabilitation & Pulmonary Rehabilitation services.  The scheme accepts referrals from the Cardiac Unit at Lister Hospital or from your local G.P. fitness@stevenage has specifically designed Cardiac Rehabilitation circuit classes which are a progression from the hospital-based circuits that you will have just completed. Further information on the scheme is available here.

Healthy Lifestyles MOT is a project that offers health checks and 12 weeks of free physical activity to overweight residents of Stevenage. Further information is available here.

Mind and Wellbeing


Drugs.  For support for families affected by drug abuse visit the website Families Anonymous. The website Adfam provides support for people affected by drug or alcohol abuse.

Sexual Health

Alcohol. Please also refer here for further alcohol services available in Hertfordshire.