Practice Audit

To comply with the NHS contractual requirements associated with the Clinical Governance Essential Service, pharmacy contractors must perform an annual practice based audit. Audit is an integral aspect of ongoing clinical effectiveness and provides data of how patients are supported by community pharmacy systems and procedures.

Please note that the other audit that community pharmacy must undertake is set by NHS England. As may be the case which was the same in previous years, if NHS England do not set an audit then you do not have to undertake this aspect. The PSNC and the LPC will keep you updated regarding any national audit.

Please remember that a clinical audit is a quality improvement process and should be viewed as a mechanism for gradually improving patient care. Helpful information on a guide to clinical audit can be found on the PSNC website

The LPC is committed to supporting contractors and when audit results are collated and analysed, this will highlight opportunities for service developments locally and will provide robust evidence of community pharmacy teams’ contributions to supporting patients.


The LPC works to provide at least one practice audit for use each year. This service is available to you to use should you wish and practice audit is a compulsory part of the Essential Services but you may conduct any audit you feel appropriate to improvement of your practice.  For details of the current year please email


Reports from previous audits are below:

Smoking Audit Report 2012/13

Managed Repeat Audit Report 2013/14

COPD Baseline Audit Report 2013/14 (Pharmacy and Patient)

Polypharmacy Audit Report 2014/15

Asthma Audit Report 2016/17

MCA Audit Report 2017/18