NHS Flu Vaccination Service

Pharmacy Flu Service specification and PGD 2020/21
The flu vaccination service specification and national Patient Group Direction (PGD) has now been published with the service due to commence on Tuesday 1 September 2020.

Summary of key changes for 2020/21

  • Need to obtain written consent removed.
  • Contractors must record verbal consent obtained.
  • Patient cohorts updated to reflect the content of the 2020/21 Annual Flu Letter
  • Need to notify regional teams prior to undertaking vaccinations off-site is removed.
  • Need to notify patient’s GP in advance of vaccinating a patient in their home / care home is removed.
  • Restrictions on offsite vaccination (only in patient’s home and care homes) removed and contractors are now able to vaccinate off-site within professional standards (this includes being able to vaccinate care home staff within the care home)
  • Contractors able to vaccinate patients in any appropriate space within thr pharmacy (although the requirement to have a consultation room remains, and the patient must still be able to have their vaccination in the consultation room if they request it.

Key next steps for contractors

  • Familiarise yourself with this service specification and changes from the previous flu season.
  • Ensure your standard operating procedure (SOP) is up to date.
  • Ensure training of all providing vaccinations on behalf of the pharmacy is up to date and that support staff are aware of the service and eligible cohorts.
  • Ensure that all providing vaccinations on behalf of the pharmacy sign the patient group direction (PGD) or relevant national protocol.
  • Be aware of expected delivery delivery timelines and storage requirements for vaccines.
  • Ensure that you are registered on the MYS platform so that you can submit claims for payment.
  • Engage with local plans to drive up overall vaccination rates.

The changes are contained within the service specification and the Patient Group Direction, which have been published.

Full information and further resources are available on the PSNC website.


Please remember to provide feedback to the LPC whether it is good practice so that we can share this with other pharmacies or negative reactions from GP practices so we can appropriately support you.


The latest Flu immunisation newsletter dated November 2020 from Public Health England and NHS England.