Changes to MUR and NMS quarterly submission of data from April 2017

Please note that there will be changes as to how you submit your MUR and NMS quarterly data from April 2017. Please submit your claims as normal for the current quarter of October – December 2016 in January 2017.

Over the last year the NHS BSA has been working with NHS England and PSNC to pilot the collection of contractors’ quarterly MUR and NMS spreadsheets/data via the NHS BSA portal. The dual aims of this work have been to improve the provision of data on the two services to local NHS England teams and to create a central collection of data. At present the quarterly returns sent to local NHS England teams are not collated, which does not help with building the evidence base for the services. The work commenced in Wessex and many other areas have subsequently moved to the new approach. After initial teething troubles in Wessex, changes were made to the process, which seem to have resulted in a relatively smooth introduction in the other areas.

Once an area is switched to NHS BSA collection of the data, contractors can either upload their completed quarterly spreadsheets to the NHS BSA portal or they can key the individual figures from their completed quarterly spreadsheets into an online survey tool. More information on this process is available on the NHS BSA website (

The NHS BSA will be writing to all contractors, providing information on the change and instructions on how to submit the data but we will keep you updated with any hints and tips and remind you of this change as April 2017 approaches.