Think Pharmacy Event 30 September 2015

The role of Hertfordshire LPC is to be the voice and support of community pharmacy in Hertfordshire representing local community pharmacy teams to become an effective part of primary health and social care encouraging patients to think pharmacy first.

On 30 September 2015 Hertfordshire LPC held a Think Pharmacy event. The event brought together those who are involved in, or influence, local commissioning decisions highlighting the range of Community Pharmacy services which can improve patient’s health outcomes.  A target audience of CCGs, Commissioners, Elected Members, Healthcare Professionals, Health Providers, Health Watch, Patient Groups, Health and Wellbeing Board, NHS England, Public Health, Secondary Care, Voluntary Agencies and their teams from Hertfordshire were sent an invitation to attend the Think Pharmacy event. The event programme can be seen here.

The event was based upon the aim of working with other healthcare professional groups, patient groups and local political organisations to ensure that community pharmacy is delivering high quality care to patients and that the benefits of community pharmacy are optimised. The NHS Constitution sets out the rights to which patients, public and its staff are entitled to, and pledges that the public, patients and staff owe it to one another to ensure that the NHS operates fairly and effectively. This places a huge responsibility on all of us to work together collaboratively in order to achieve our common goal of each patient’s well being.

The event was well received with over 50 people attending the event. This event included a format of presentations, exhibitions and networking.

The LPC created a video for the Think Pharmacy event sharing the experiences of patients within a community pharmacies across Hertfordshire. The video showcases the positive aspects of patient centred professionalism in community pharmacy.

There were  eleven stands with community pharmacists showcasing how community pharmacy already supports their patients on the following topics in each of the localities across Hertfordshire. For each topic area below the LPC created a fact sheet demonstrating the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of the contributions of community pharmacy to improving care for patients.

  1. Sexual Health
  2. Electronic Prescription Service
  3. Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice (IBA)
  4. Medicine Use Review (MUR)
  5. Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP)
  6. Substance Misuse
  7. New Medicine Service (NMS)
  8. Repeat Dispensing
  9. Stop Smoking
  10. Diabetes 
  11. Flu 

Please note that the above documents were created using some information from the PSNC website.

Presentations at the Think Pharmacy event can be accessed below.

The LPC created an detailed overview of what community pharmacies offer in each of the eleven localities below in Hertfordshire:

  1. Watford and Three Rivers Community Pharmacy Local Services
  2. Dacorum Community Pharmacy Local Services
  3. St Albans and Harpenden Community Pharmacy Local Services
  4. Hertsmere Community Pharmacy Local Services
  5. North Herts Community Pharmacy Local Services
  6. Stevenage Community Pharmacy Local Services
  7. Welwyn Hatfield Community Pharmacy Local Services
  8. Upper Lea Valley Community Pharmacy Local Services
  9. Lower Lea Valley Community Pharmacy Local Services
  10. Stort Valley Community Pharmacy Local Services
  11. Royston Community Pharmacy Local Services

The eleven stands provided key those in attendance with an opportunity to ask questions about community pharmacies and the services they provide. Additional resources to support the event on local and national community pharmacy services can be accessed below:

Topic Area                    Additional Resources to support the Think Pharmacy Event
Sexual Health

·         Service specification for the provision of Emergency Hormonal Contraception in Community Pharmacy

·         Service specification for the provision of Chlamydia Screening in Community Pharmacy

·         Leaflet on the Chlamydia services in Hertfordshire

·         C-card services in Hertfordshire

·         Sexual Health Needs Assessment for Hertfordshire

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

·         Benefits of EPS for GP staff

·         An overview of EPS service

·         Patient Factsheet on EPS

·         Why is EPS needed?

·         A detailed summary of EPS

 Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice (IBA)

·         Brief summary on Hertfordshire Pharmacy Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice Pilot

·         Service Specification for the provision of Alcohol IBA

·         Alcohol-and-Hypertension_Factsheet

·         Alcohol-Diabetes-Factsheet

·         Dashboard-Summary-of-Alcohol-IBA-March-2015

·         Nhs brief advice tool on alcohol

 Medicine Use Review (MUR)

·         Transfer of care project pilot

·         Briefing for GP practices – community pharmacy advanced services

·         More than medicines: Better patient care through pharmacy

·         National target groups for MURs

·         GP-Prescriber-Referral-Form- MUR

·         MUR patient information guide

·         My current medicines form: Help to get the right medicines when you move care providers

·         NMS_-_MUR_Hospital_patient_information_leaflet1 (3)

·         NMS_-_MUR_hospital_referral_form

Healthy Living Pharmacies (HLPs)

·         HLP prospectus for Hertfordshire

·         Detailed Evaluation of Health Living Pharmacy Pathway

·         Brief summary of Evaluation Of Healthy Living Pharmacy Pathway

·         HLP in Hertfordshire

·         HLP briefing for CCGs and GPs

·         HLP briefing for local authorities

·         Why HLP

·         HLP relaunch event in Hertfordshire

·         Presentation: HLP and Public Health in Hertfordshire

·         HLP accreditation

·         HLP newsletter

 Substance Misuse

·         Summary NeedsAssessment for Reducing The Harm Caused By Drugs

·         Needle Exchange Pharmacy Service Use Report 22.06.15

·         A map of those pharmacies and CRi Spectrum hubs for needle exchange services available in Hertfordshire

·         Think Pharmacy: Supervised Consumption

·         Community Pharmacy-Protocol-for-Supervised-Consumption

·         Service Level Agreement for needle exchange service

 New Medicines Service (NMS)

·         NMS_-_MUR_Hospital_patient_information_leaflet1 (3)

·         NMS_-_MUR_hospital_referral_form

·         My current medicines form: Help to get the right medicines when you move care providers

·         NMS_patient_leaflet

·         NMS-Medicines-List-Factsheet

·         Summary of NMS evaluation

 Repeat Dispensing

·         Electronic Repeat-Dispensing-leaflet

·         Managed Repeat Audit Report 2013-14

·         Repeat_dispensing_leaflet_for_the_public

·         Repeat-dispensing-versus-repeat-prescribing 

·         NHS Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework Essential Service – Repeat Dispensing

·         Pharmacy’s experience of the repeat dispensing service

·         NHS Repeat Dispensing Service Referral Form

·         Guidance for implementation of Repeat Dispensing

Stop smoking

·         Smoking-Practice-Audit-Report-2012-13 

·         stop smoking leaflet hertfordshire

·         stop smoking profile hertfordshire

·         Local strategies to reduce smoking: Hertfordshire

·         Tobacco Control in Hertfordshire

·         Tobacco Control Strategic Plan for Hertfordshire: 2014-2016

·         Summary Needs Assessment forReducing The Harm From Tobacco

·         Service Specification for the provision of: Smoking Cessation Services delivered in Community Pharmacies


·         Care of people with diabetes as part of essential services in Community Pharmacy

·         Diabetes-uk-15-healthcare-essentials

·         Diabetes prevalence in Hertfordshire 

·         Estimated diabetes prevalence in Hertfordshire adults

·         Understanding-diabetes

·         Advice on hypoglycaemia (‘hypos’) and diabetes medication


·          Service specification:Community pharmacy seasonal influenza vaccination advanced service

·         NHS Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Service: Notification of Patient’s GP Practice form

·         Success for pharmacy flu services

·         PSNC Briefing : Flu vaccination: The benefits of a community pharmacy service

·         Public Health England General Flu A5 booklet

·         Public Health England Pregnancy and Flu leaflet

·         Flu-Vaccination-patient-leaflet

·         Flu: Information for people with learning disability