LPC Committee

The LPC committee is elected every four years and is made up of 5 CCA members, 7 independent members and 1 AIMp member. If you wish to contact your local representative please email Hertfordshire LPC office

The LPC ratified and agreed a revised Expenses Policy at its meeting in April 2019 which is available for contractors information.


CCA / Independent

Governance Papers

 Rachel Solanki (Chair)


R Solanki 2018

 Nilesh Bathia


 N Bathia 2018
 David Bentley

 CCA – Boots

 Karsan Chandegra (Treasurer)


 K Chandegra 2018

 Ramen Farahani

 CCA – Well

R Farahani 2019

 Girish Mehta


G Mehta 2018

 Vinesh Naidoo

 CCA – Boots

 V Naidoo 2018

 Parag Oza (Vice Chair)

 CCA – Boots  P Oza 2018

 Raj Patel


 R Patel 2018

 Graham Phillips


 G Phillips 2018

 Purvi Smart


 P Smart 2018

 Suraj Varia


 S Varia 2018

 Roy Winograd

 CCA – Superdrug

 R Winograd 2018